PYT Straightening Comb

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The Professional Hair Straightening Comb is designed with a spring-loaded hinged handle that holds hair in place so you can style as desired. The comb gives you that little something extra you need to get salon quality results at home.

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Product Features:

Great for use with any styling tool

Holds hair taut to help reach every strand for perfect straightening

Heat resistant up to 500˚F


How to use

Straighten: First section hair. Place desired section onto comb. The comb holds hair securely to ensure fast and easy straightening. Comb handle allows comfortable grip to easily rotate 180° and facilitate straightening. Allows movements in all directions while styling.

Cut: Securely holds each hair section to ensure even cutting and trimming.

Treatment: Take hair in comb with the water collecting holes on the top and the air flow vents on the bottom to evenly spread treatment cream through hair.

Style: Easy grip and range of rotation vertically and horizontally, enhances styling using favorite hair dryer. Comb vents increase air flow for beautiful styling.

Finishing: Touch up and finish hair styling easily with favorite hairdryer. Heat resistant material helps prevent burns to scalp.


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