PYT Pro Styling Tool Mat And Travel Case – Black

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The Styling Mat and Travel Case is essential for styling tools and curling wands. The heat resistant case can be used as a mat while styling and as a carrying case when you travel. No need for the styling tool to cool, the tool can be directly placed inside the heat resistant case (up to 500˚F / 260˚C).

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Upgrade your hairstyling experience with PYT Pro Styling Tool Mat and Travel Case. This product is the perfect storage for your styling tools. It’s the best place to store your precious belongings when they’re not in use or when you’re traveling.

What’s great about this product is that it functions in two ways: as a mat and as a travel case. When you’re using your hairstyling tool, you can lay the product on a surface as a mat so that you can prevent the heat from damaging your belongings or causing fire or other accidents. And when you’re traveling, this product gives you a safe storage for your tool. What’s more, it’s very handy and portable.

This mat and travel case is made of heat-resistant materials. It can resist heat to a maximum of 500°F. It is made in a way that best suits all types of hairstyling tools, so you can store just about anything inside this case. Plus, it comes with a mounting hardware which makes it possible to be mounted permanently on the wall.

If you’re worried about your tools getting damaged, you shouldn’t. That’s because the case stores tools in a safe position without putting even a single scratch on them. Moreover, PYT Pro Styling Tool Mat and Travel Case has a black color, which is efficient for heat absorption.

Get a PYT Pro Styling Tool Mat and Travel Case now and help yourself store your tools properly in one place and reduce the chances of misplacing them.

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